Welcome to the AF Revalidation Tool

A tool to aid GPs preparing for revalidation.

The AF Revalidation tool has been prepared to help GPs prepare evidence of learning, audit and practice improvement that is suitable for inclusion in a revalidation portfolio. The tool also helps tackle an important clinical need: the reduction of stroke risk in patients with AF.

AF presents an ideal revalidation target for practice improvement. Recent developments in risk stratification, the role of aspirin and anticoagulant options all provide an opportunity for the learning of, and reflecting on, new information. Furthermore, AF enables focus on a clinically-important but manageable number of patients, for whom small changes can yield significant improvements in outcomes.

Moreover, GRASP-AF, a free and easy-to-use audit tool, already exists; greatly facilitating the collection of the necessary practice audit data.

Dr Matthew Fay

Dr Andeas Wolff

Prof. Gregory Lip

The AF Revalidation Tool was developed by the AF Association and AntiCoagulation Europe with guidance and input from Dr Matthew Fay, Professor Gregory Lip and Dr Andreas Wolff.

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Much of the information on the site is presented as video, including the main video lecture from Professor Lip. In addition to this, Drs Wolff and Fay have prepared several short clips that are used throughout the site to introduce important concepts and to describe their application to primary care.

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